All Together Now - Call for Photo Submissions

About the project:
All Together Now will be an installation at the Firehouse Art Center composed of paintings by Janelle W Anderson. Anderson is inviting residents across Colorado to submit their personal photos based on the prompts below, which she will collage together as source material for her paintings. Paintings will then be arranged together to form a site specific installation. The result intends to be a conglomeration of everything we as humans experience in our day to day lives, arranged in a surreal composition that evokes dreams and memories, while emphasizing our shared experiences, our connection to one another, and everything around us.

Schedule for Photo Submissions:

April 2nd - 15th — People - candid photos of family, friends, celebrations such as birthday parties, holiday gatherings, photos of crowds at an event or concert, etc.

April 16th - 29th — Landscape - nature and urban landscape - vacation photos, hiking photos, plains, mountains, ocean, beach, etc. Urban Landscape can be city images, architecture, cars, roads, highways, etc.

April 30th - May 13th - Animals - wildlife (from anywhere), pets, farm animals, etc.

May 14th - May 27th - Current Events - Protest images, news photography. Images from any time period are welcome.

May 28th - June 10th - Weather disasters and aftermath / astrophotography - storms, weather disasters such as flooding, tornado aftermath, Colorado fires and aftermath (2020 or previous years), blizzards and aftermath, atmospheric images such as stars, planets, space.

June 11th - 24th - Interiors - Any interior of any building, such as a house, office, school, grocery store, etc. These can include figures or not, can be related to the pandemic, can show interior looking out window to exterior, doorways, etc.

Please email photos to